Free instruments, lessons and music education programs for kids.

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Music is incredibly especially extremely powerful and motivational.

Our Programs

Free Instruments

Tell us what instrument you want to play and Rawkstars will provide one.

Private Lessons

Wherever you live, Rawkstars will arrange for music lessons on the instrument of your choice, in your area, on your schedule.


Rawkstars can provide instruments and accessories to bolster your existing music program.

Group Lessons

Youth organzations can benefit from an onsite music instructor.


Rawkstars can assist music students with supplementary educational materials.

Music Therapy

Music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

Recording and Production

Rawkstars students can benefit from access and guidance in songwriting and music creation in a studio setting.


Rawkstars promotes and produces events in which students can showcase their skills.

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Kids ages 8-18 are eligible for our programs. Requests are evaluated on a case by case basis when funding periods are open.
At this time, Rawkstars only provides services to kids in eastern Massachusetts, throughout the Greater Boston area.
Nothing. Rawkstars raises funds for its programming and is run by an all volunteer Board of Directors.

Founded by musicians, focused on kids

Rawkstars is run by an all volunteer Board who have experienced the power of music first hand.

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