Meet Wilson

Wilson fell in love with percussion in his home country of Cape Verde, and Rawkstars Fans are helping him continue his passion now that lives here in the United States!

Meet Wilson, the newest Rawkstars, Inc drum student.

His family moved here from Cape Verde abruptly, last year. He doesn’t yet speak English, and is being tutored at the local library by Esmerelda, a proud woman of patience, grace and compassion.

Wilson fell in love with percussion in his home country, but hasn’t had that outlet since relocating to the US. He proudly showed me a video of himself marching and playing drums in Cape Verdean parades. Even though we speak different languages, his eyes and smile told me all I needed to know.

HUGE THANKS to Liz Pawlowski, Kat Mitchell, Jennifer Cadorette, Paul Mockabee, Liam DaSilva, Aaron D. Fox, Jocelyn Fassett, John Mcdonald, John-Oscar Nilsson, Ashley Macielak, George O’Connor, James McGathey, Liz O’Connor, James Gray, Theresa Gillen, Jan Thayer and Tim Bean.

Because of YOU, Wilson now has the opportunity to rekindle his love for drumming and accelerate his immersion into his new culture and community.

-JJ, Rawkstars Founder & Executive Director

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